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Houzeo gives you access to technology and professionals making selling your home simple and inexpensive.
Finished Area
4,102 sq.ft.
Year Built
Finished Area
704 sq.ft.
Year Built
Finished Area
1,240 sq.ft.
Year Built

Houzeo Breaks The Process Down to 6 Steps
Click on a step below to learn how Houzeo makes it easy to sell your home.

6 Steps. 1 Interface.
Click on a step below to learn how Houzeo makes it easy to sell your home


Easy listing to reach 160+ million buyers!

  • Our technology lets you list your home on Houzeo, Zillow Yahoo! Real Estate, and more... For free and in minutes!
  • Want to list your home on the local MLS? You can do that too!
  • Houzeo also connects you to local Professional Home Photographers to showcase your home in the best light
Green arrows indicates syndication to these portals is via the optional MLS® package

Get your pricing report instantly (single family homes only)! You can also leverage Zillow’s Zestimate and Comparable Sales. Or have a professional price your home via Houzeo!

  • For paid plans, we give you the HouseCanary Value Report instantly. Powered by the most complete residential dataset, this detailed report gives you an estimated market value of your home, recent comparable sales and current active listing in your neighborhood. Houzeo also pulls the Zillow Zestimate® and Comparable Sales for your home
  • For a fee, a real estate professional will visit your home and provide you with a more detailed Comparative Market Analysis report

Fill out all your Federal and State Disclosures electronically. In minutes!

  • Only see disclosures that apply to you: Instead of making you wade through hundreds of disclosures, Houzeo automatically selects all the Federal and State disclosures that apply to your property, so you don’t have to worry about compliance with important Federal or State disclosure requirements
  • File even the most complex disclosures in minutes:Filing disclosures is easy. As much as possible, Houzeo auto fills responses for you based on everything we already know about your property. Review auto filled responses for accuracy, fill in the blanks, and you’re done!

Select an Attorney or Escrow Company in your area, and get more transparency in pricing

  • Houzeo connects you with top professionals in your area, including Attorneys, Escrow Companies, and Title Agents. You can choose these professionals based on their user reviews. Exchanging documents with them is easy! Just upload them on Houzeo
  • With detailed expected pricing schedules, you get more transparency and control over your costs
  • And when you’ve closed on your transaction, be sure to leave a review so other sellers and buyers after you can rely on your experience

Look at more than just the offer price when comparing offers. Review contingencies, closing period, and buyer qualifications too!

  • Not just the offer price: Houzeo lets you review offers beyond just the offer price. Upload buyer prequalification letters, earnest money deposits, and contingences to see the full picture and review each offer on all its merits
  • Compare offers: See a comprehensive view with all the offers and important metrics that form these offers. Compare across price, buyer qualification, financing, deposits, and contingencies and decide what the best offer is for your specific situation

The most powerful dashboard in real estate!

  • Estimated Costs Upfront: See your estimated costs upfront including estimated agent commissions, state transfer taxes, and attorney charges. Our dashboard shows your estimated net cash, so you can better plan your next home purchase or however you would like to use your cash proceeds!
  • More Transparency. Fewer Surprises: With your estimates costs upfront you get more insight into charges typical for your area. And more power to demand an explanation when those costs change unreasonably
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